Using Digital Images in Computer Lab

BY Linda Werner

Morse Pond Middle School


Goals, objectives, and activities

This is my first year as an Instructional Technologist at Morse Pond School and one of my goals is to integrate technology into all curriculum areas. In order to do this I would like students to have the opportunity to create projects that include a variety of visual images (photos, movies, animation). I would like 6th grade students to have the opportunity to take digital pictures and make movies. After uploading the pictures and movies they will learn how to manipulate and edit images as well as movies. With access to computers and iPads students will have the opportunity to make iMovies, Power Point Presentations, Gloster Posters, HyperStudio Presentations,  and incorporate images into many multimedia tools. in order for students to learn to work with digital images, I am seeking funding to purchase 4 digital cameras that can be used by all 6th grade students. Students will learn to manipulate images using programs such as Skitch, Pixlr, Paint.NET, Foto Masaik, TuxPaint, Picasa, ArtWeaver, and a variety of other free software.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

Students will be evaluated using rubrics specific to their project. For example, when working with images students will have a series of criteria that they will have to meet when manipulating images (cropping, rotating, adding text, color enhancement, etc.) I am also collaborating with social studies and science teachers to incorporate technology into their projects and assignments.The integration of visual images will be part of the project expectation and will be included as part of the grading rubric. For examples as part our Facing History Curriculum, students create a mask that represents the “face that they show the world”and the “face that they hide”. I would students to create an online collage of the images that they would use on a mask. The collage would be a blending of pictures and images that represent the student.


Benefit to the students and the school

Digital cameras are used to enhance any project in the classroom that incorporates technology. Using cameras will provide students experience with an easy to use technology tool – a camera. Digital cameras are easy to use. Pictures are easily transferred to our computers for use in power points or other projects. Students can add images to written work – for example they can create a  poem in Google Docs,  easily insert pictures into their documents and continue to work on their project on their home computer. Using digital photography helps students to become more involved with their project and engagement is what keeps students motivated.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

I would like to purchase 4 Sony Cyber-Shot W730 Digital Cameras, 16 MP with an 8X Zoom. Each camera costs $114.64 (shipping is $4.95). These cameras are easy to use, pocket sized and pictures are clear even if your hands are somewhat shaky. They have built-in effects that adjust skin tone and texture and many other features. The cameras come with a 1 year warranty.


Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable.)

Projects with 6th graders will begin in January and will be worked on until June. Students will first need to practice with software (November – December). They will be ready to start shooting photos and movie clips in January,