The Artful Cafe

BY Lauren Maggiacomo

 Cape Cod Collaborative – Bourne 

Project Description

The goal of the Artful Café is to provide a creative outlet for our students. The students of Waypoint Academy comprise the most vulnerable population on Cape Cod. The trauma that many of them have experienced, and continue to experience, in their families and communities has tremendous impact on their ability to perform in school and succeed in life. Using poetry and creative writing, our students are able to express themselves in an appropriate and healthy manner. We are an extremely small school, and as such, we have limited resources to provide our students with access to the arts and other creative outlets. This café will be a place where creativity is celebrated, encouraged and modeled.

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

The success of the café will be based on the number of students who visit the café, the number of repeat visits by students, and the number of teachers who utilize the café to hold class sessions, student meetings and other activities. In addition, a survey will be distributed to the students and staff of Waypoint during the planning phase of the café. One month after opening, a follow-up survey will be distributed to gauge student and staff experiences of the café and to solicit suggestions and feedback.

Benefit to the students and the school

The café will provide our school community with a meeting place, outside of the classroom, where they can share their creativity in a safe and comforting space.

Students who are interested in music and art will have opportunities to express themselves in our The Artful Café. The café will provide students with an added incentive to continue to progress up the point and level system and, ultimately, help them to meet their IEP benchmarks centered on their social and emotional needs.

In addition to being used for academic and social purposes, the café will become a place of culinary creativity and a place to promote healthy living and eating. Many of our students are interested in culinary arts and help to tend to our school garden. The café is a place where our students who are interested in this art form can express themselves.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)

The café is expected to open in the early spring. The middle school ELA classes and student council will be instrumental in the planning and opening of the café. The inaugural event for the café will be an art jam. Students will be able to share their own pieces of poetry, lyrics, songs and artwork. The event will take place in March/ April.