Physics for 4th Graders

BY Kathleen Tringale

Nauset Regional High School


Goals, objectives, and activities

The 9th Grade science program is currently Introductory Physics.  Student will be asked to write a book about physics intended for a 4th grade audience.  Books may be in a style chosen by the students; for example big book, hand drawn books, books prepared on computers, etc.  At the end of the year, these books will be shared with 4th grade students from the Eddy Elementary School.  In writing these books, students are able to make stronger connections with the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to their own world.  Having the responsibility of sharing their knowledge with younger students creates a situation in which the author must develop a way to present their information in a clear manner in order for it to be understood.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

This has been an ongoing project and has proven to be quite successful in the past.  It offers a challenge to the 9th grade student and provides the 4th grade students an opportunity to work with a student population they are not often with.


Benefit to the students and the school

The ability of students to share their work beyond their own environment helps to develop connections within the district.  Literacy and writing across the curriculum is a major focus of the Nauset region and this culminating activity is a positive response to that focus.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

Materials for building circuit boards:
Wire, batteries, bulbs, switches, tape, paper. $200.00
Printer / ink / paper (in particular for those students who do not have access to the material in their home.$300.00


Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable.)

The project will start after the first of the year and will be presented to 4th graders in June.