OES Community Service Club

BY Martha Jenkins and Susan Quatrocelli

Orleans Elementary School


Goals, objectives, and activities

The goal of the Community Service Club is to assist the needs of our community by teaching service learning projects, learning about the needs of our community and to explore opportunities and engage in ways to assist our community in positive ways. Through this club students will learn to become active participants as they help our community members. Students will plant flowers and clean our school grounds to beatify our community. Students will take part in helping our families in need by bringing food and touring the Lower Outreach Food Pantry. Our staff and students will participate in the Scholastic Project read for pajamas which has students donate pajamas and read to increase knowledge at our school. The whole school will participate in a pajama day. Students will collect, donate, and bake treats for our local animal shelter. The students at OES have embraced our elderly population and will plan a game day at the OES senior center. The students will plan to visit our local convalescent home three times this school year to engage in sharing poems, artwork and a craft to display in their community room and their private rooms. The students will recognize the Orleans shop owners, post office employees, police officers, fireman, and town employees that continue to make the community of Orleans a great place to live. The students are very motivated to be part of this club and the service projects have been very successful in our community. We hope that these funds will be available to our school so we may continue to fund our amazing program.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

The project is evaluated by our teacher, parents, students and our community members. We provide a survey at the end of each year and have received a great number of very positive responses. Our success is gauged by the continued support of our school staff, students and the student’s parents. The student are awarded a certificate at the end of each year and the students summarize their experiences and ideas for future projects. This project has been recognized as a “Bucket Filler at our School and has been highly recognized by our school community.


Benefit to the students and the school

This club has proved to be a successful opportunity for our students and our school to assist in the needs of our community through service learning projects. The students that have been involved in this club continue to be an active participant in community service since there is a club at the Nauset Middle school and students are required to complete community service hours in high school. This club engages in students in exploration and civic responsibility to our OES community. The club also engages parent in each of our service projects. Parents are invited to join us on our trips in the community and this has proven to be a great way for our parent to be involved in their students school projects. Last year we had about 10-15 parents volunteer to help with our projects. This year we hope to engage 15 to 20 parents or educational assistants to help our students to provide exciting and rewarding projects in our community.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

Craft materials for gifts to our community-
$150.00-glue,tissue paper, glitter, ribbons, paints, paint brushes, beads, foil paper, paper plates, markers, modeling clay, tacks, pipe cleaners, feathers, string, cardboard, and photo paper.
$200.00-trash bags, shell cleaner, plant bulbs, popsicle sticks, squares of cloth, fabric paint, cotton stuffing, poster paints, sun catcher kits, photo paperand spray paints.
$150.00-plant bulbs, potting soil, garden gloves, weed blocker, trowels, and seeds.


Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable.)

The project will take place twice a month during the school year from September to June. The project will be done afterschool on Thursdays and Fridays. A weekend project may be done on a weekend with parent permission slips.