Multi-generational Tea Party part 2

BY Corine Adams 

Falmouth High School


Goals, objectives, and activities

Last year you were very generous in assisting Falmouth High School (FHS) Clay Club. Clay club is allotted no budget, and our programs and activities, including all supplies and materials are funded exclusively through fundraising. Donations through generous and thoughtful organizations such as yours are essential to meet our goals and objectives. Clay Club offers students the opportunity to learn ceramics and develop abilities to conceptualize, design and complete exceptional objects in clay. Clay club welcomes all FHS students regardless of enrollment. Since last years’ project was such a great success, we would like to continue our community service opportunity for Club members to participate in a tea party for residents of Atria Woodbriar Nursing home in May 2014. Your support will sponsor the teapots, tea cups and food items all created by Clay Club members and FHS Culinary Art students. We will then celebrate a tea party with the residents at Atria Woodbriar nursing home.
1. Students will learn several ceramic techniques in clay, using the potter’s wheel, handbuilding, slab, coil and pinch pot techniques.
2. Students will learn about functionality of their teapots and tea cups; are they comfortable to hold, will they be able to pour, does the lid fit the pot?
3. Students learn decorating techniques to enhance the look of their artistic creations.
4. Students learn how to glaze their ceramic work.
5. Students learn to collaborate with the Culinary art students.
6. Students learn the importance of respect, community service and volunteering.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

This project was such a great success last year, I would like to ask you to consider sponsoring us again this year, so new Clay Club members have the opportunity to experience this great community service project. Current Club members who participated last year have asked if we will have the tea party again this year. The residents at Atria Woodbriar’s elderly residents every month! Everyone enjoyed themselves. The students were proud to show of their functional art work, and use it to drink out of. The residents admired the students creations, and the teapots and tea cups became topics of conversation between residents and club members, and the interaction continued after the tea party with FHS students playing piano, while residents sang along and danced with the students.
Besides the tea party itself, Club members had a great experience creating the teapots and tea cups and learned many new ceramic techniques. The cookies and snacks made by FHS Culinary Arts students were greatly admired by all.
The success and experience of this community project and collaboration between generations is something we would like to continue, with your support. I am confident it will just as successful, if not better in 2014.


Benefit to the students and the school

This project significantly and uniquely benefits Falmouth High School and the local community. The FHS Clay Club offers creative, healthy and civic minded activities to all FHS students, including those not currently enrolled in ceramic or art classes. FHS students benefit by the opportunity to experience working with clay and learning a variety of ceramic art techniques, which requires creativity and problem solving in a multi dimensional, spacial capacity which encourages intellectual development, which may be beneficial in a plethora of activities of personal and commercial significance. Besides creating art, students will make functional ceramic pieces that they will use in the community and learn to design and build three dimensional objects. Students will also collaborate with the FHS Culinary Arts program, learning to prepare food for themselves and their future families. Clay Club members benefit from the time they spend involved and enjoying community activities, such as this multi-generational community project, communicating and assisting elderly residents of Falmouth. It is the intention of FHS Ceramic Art department to foster a lifelong spirit of positive community values with the cooperation and support of local business leaders, who also benefit by positive exposure and enhancement of the future workforce. The residents of Atria Woodbriar Nursing home will greatly appreciate, benefit and enjoy the interaction and attention of the enthusiastic young adults our tea party will provide.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

275 lbs of stoneware clay + shipping cost: $220.00 This allows each student about 9 lbs of clay. The teapots will use an estimate of 6 lbs of clay, the remaining clay will be used for the tea cups.

A variety of colors of glazes (10 jars containing 1 pint): $200.00 The average price of 1 pint of glaze is $20.00

Ingredients for baking cookies and cakes: $80.00 This estimate was given by Ms. Hackett, the Culinary Arts Teacher.

Total: $500.00


Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable.)

Clay club meets every Thursday after school. During our March through April 2014 meetings, Clay Club members will start building ceramic teapots and teacups. The teapots need to be made in stages: the base, the spout, the lid and the handle. Students can choose to hand-built the teapots or use the potter’s wheel. Students have the option the use the potter’s wheel. Students have the option the use the potter’s wheel, use the pinch pot technique, or coil build the tea cups. After the teapots and tea cups are finished in clay, they will be fired and students will glaze their work. After the glaze firing, the teapots and tea cups are ready to use. In the second week of May, 2014, Clay club members will visit Atria Woodbriar Nursing Home and have a multi-generational tea party with the elderly residents. After this event, a press release will be mailed to the Falmouth Enterprise and Falmouth Bulletin to notify Falmouth residents of this community service project. After the tea pary, students and directors from Atria Woodbriar will be asked to participate in an evaluation to see how we can better this service learning project.