Mashpee Marathon Monday

BY Margaret Mitchell

Kenneth C. Coombs School

Project Description

Last year we had a pilot program of Mashpee Marathon Monday and our goals were:

To provide students with structure during recess doing a fitness activity
To create an environment of support, teamwork, and that increased self-confidence.
To make students accountable for remembering their sneakers and commit to practicing at home.
To reinforce the importance of warm-ups, stretching, and cool-downs.
To chart our mileage of miles run
To learn the history behind the marathon and teach about the Boston Marathon

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

Last year in our first year we had approximate 50% of the entire second grade population. We will gauge our success by the percentage of students enrolling and compare it to the number of “drop-outs”. We gauge the success last year, by the enthusiasm that the students, family and staff exhibited.

Benefit to the students and the school

Obviously the health benefits to our students is profound. In the United States, and Mashpee, approximately 1/3 of students are overweight. The short term and long term effects of being overweight is known-cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, increase asthma, and childhood diabetes. This program provides another opportunity for students to be active in a sedentary world. The team building that evolved was visible to the eye fostering a family-like culture. A dollar value could not be placed on what the students received from the participation.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)

Time Line for the Program is as follows:

September 19-Letters to families inviting students to participate
October 4-First day of running (On a Tuesday due to half day of school on the third)
January 23-Reached half marathon (Water bottle given out to students)
April–Boston Marathon presentation
May 22-We will go to Mashpee High school with all of our second graders and run our last mile with music playing and staff, and families present. Our award ceremony will take place then.