IXL math

BY Janice Lariviere 

Monomoy Regional High School 

Project Description

The IXL math skills computer program is aligned with the 2015 Massachusetts standards and the common core. It provides comprehensive preparation for the MCAS and PARCC tests, as well as supports skill areas within the math classes. This is an online program intended for students with a wide variety of learning styles and my goal is to reach all the varied math of my students and prepare them for  MCAS as well as graduation. This program offers visual representations, word problems and interactive  activities. It can be used by the entire class or used to differentiate instruction. Frequent updates are sent by email to the teacher to monitor students’ progress. Students can sign on and work on goals and objectives in their IEP as well as deficient skill areas at their own pace. This can be an additional activity in their math classes.

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

This program provides reports and email updates. It determines exactly which problems a student has missed, where the trouble spots lie, how they have progressed over time and how much knowledge they have understood and retained. A demonstration of proficiency in these areas through teacher made evaluations will ( and has in the past) determined how well this program is working. The program itself has built in rewards and certificates that students receive in recognition for achievement. Having had this program for the past three or four years, I have had time to assess its impact; students enthusiastically ask to use it and its ability to individualized is unsurpassed.

Benefit to the students and the school

This program can serve as many students as you desire. Last year we increased it from 30 to 40, so we could cover all the special education students and the cost increase was minimal. This program is engaging and holds a student’s interest and the student has control over what type of problems  he/she would like to work on and the student works at their own pace. This program has numerous activities in grade levels k-12, so one program does it all. Last year, I almost lost this program due to funding issues, and was very concerned. I am able to share this program with the classes I coteach, so it impacts numerous students.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)

This program is currently running and would continue to run through the next school year. Re-ordering the program would be upon the receipt of the grant.