Horticulture tools…




Goals, objectives, and activities

This project based class will focus on several topics of horticulture and related subjects.The students learn basic landscape design and greenhouse management techniques,as well as plant and soil science.

Career opportunities in the “green industry” will be explored.We have many other projects going on which include vegetative propagation,herbs,save the seeds, adopt a schoolyard,investigation soil,container gardening,as well as ecological landscaping on Cape Cod.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

Students will demonstrate learning by engaging in a variety of instructional and assessment practices.The most important being that instead of a final exam,each student will give a presentation on an individual or group research project.
Before and after images will be documenting student progress at various sites.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

If we are awarded money we will use it specifically for gardening tools for program.Rakes,hoes,shovels,buckets,clippers and more!

These materials are always breaking. Due to the large amount of students in this class we cannot have enough for everyone and will purchase as many as we can buy! Soil and mulch are  major expenses. The consumables are used through out the semester, already we have used ten bags of potting soil ! Ordering spring bulbs and a “Spring Red Bud Tree Garden” is one other new venture for  2013-14 semesters.

Students will have ownership of this hands-on learning experience, solve landscape design problems and learn to work as a team. Responsible behavior and planning are part of the horticulture class.


Timeline of Project (project, if applicable.)

This project will run all year…beautifying our school grounds! This group of students will end in January 2014 and a new group will begin and go to June 2014 – 2 semesters.