Good Masters & Sweet Ladies to Life!




Goals, objectives, and activities

Students in Grade 8 read the play Good Masters!  Sweet Ladies! in an endeavor to better understand the lives of average children like themselves during the Middle Ages.  They each take on a monologue to perform in order to gain empathy for characters who lived 800 years ago.  Students perform these for children in other grades and/or classes and then field a Q & A session that demonstrates their understanding of their character. While students have been completing this for the past three years, we have not had costumes to lend to the children, leading some students to be well outfitted from home and others to be in street clothing as they have had limited access to costumes. We wish to provide several costumes to help students have a better sense of character in their presentations.


How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

Students will be scored using a rubric for their performances.  The rubric will include historical knowledge, presentation skills, and understanding of the text.


Benefit to the students and the school

When students dress the part, they are more likely to engage in their role seriously and with purpose.  Costumes are an investment that can be used again and again to reinforce differences and similarities between children of today and children of the past.


Budget (Please detail how funding will be used. Itemize as appropriate.)

Costumes from Medieval Collectibles:
Women- 1 medieval Lady Costume- 94.00
2 chemise dress- 27.00 each
1 lace-up gown-35.00
1 brown corset-10.00
1 maiden’s skirt-36.00
1 vest and cuff set- 27.00
Subtotal for women’s costumes (3)- $256.00
Men- 1 Lord of the manor costume- 42.00
1 brown monk robe- 22.50
1 armored knight- 150.00
Subtotal for men’s costumes (3)- $214.50
Total for costumes- $470.50 + shipping (?)


Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable.)

Project will begin in January and be completed by the end of the month. Costumes will be able to be reused annually, and with the merger with Harwich set to take place in 2014, costumes will serve a population of 150 per year.