Full STE(A)M Ahead at Forestdale with the Cricut

BY Lisa A Fox

Forestdale School

Project Description
A Cricut Machine would be a great addition to our revamped STEM Lab at the Forestdale School, which serves 600 students K-2nd Grade. The Cricut machine will allow students to take advantage of the Arts-Integration to go from STEM to STEAM. All of the students will have access to the Cricut for the purpose of adding the element of 3D modeling, paper structures to enhance student learning across the STEAM concept areas. The students will learn about the design process to make a design and then use the technology through Cricut to create a real-life model.

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)
Success will be assessed by looking at the real-life models the students create using the Machine with teacher assistance. I plan on developing a rubric for the design process utilizing the Cricut.

Benefit to the students and the school
The students across grades will utilize the Cricut to enhance their learning tied to the Science and Engineering standards for Massachusetts. The teachers will be trained ahead of time to provide them with the support for learning how to use the machine for project based learning.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)