Fixing Instruments

BY Adam Lyon

Peebles Elementary School

Project Description

My goal is to fix the instruments that I inherited in my music room. While these instruments are of high quality they were not given the maintenance they need to be usable.

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)

Once all the instruments are repaired they will be workable I will consider the project a success. The process is simply to replace the parts that are not working with new usable parts, similar to changing brakes on a car.

Benefit to the students and the school

These instruments are essential for creating well-trained overall musicians. Not only that, but with the money to fix the instruments I will immediately impact all 377 of my students and with the newly maintained instruments I will be able to continue using them for the next several years, positively affecting over 1,000 students. These instruments will not only affect the school’s well-being and atmosphere, but also I will be able to use them in community outreach events at our concerts. We would certainly also make sure we properly thank Cape Cod Five at every concert with a special note about the grant.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)

I expect this project to take a total of four days, possibly less if I can get parents to help. Below is a day by day breakdown of how I expect to get everything done in my spare time. This should be completed over a course of about two weeks.

  • Prior to Day 1: Prepare all 18 instruments to be serviced
  • Day 1: Install new pins
  • Day 2: Install rubber cording
  • Day 3: Put everything together