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Q:  If I share a project on this website, does that mean I have also applied for a mini-grant?

A:  No. They are two separate entities. We encourage all educators to share projects with each other using this resource. You do not need to have been awarded a mini-grant to post your project. It is also not a prerequisite that you have applied for a mini-grant. If you do post a project here, that does not increase or decrease your chances of being awarded a mini-grant.

Q.  If I have already won a grant, should I still apply in the future, or will that take away an opportunity for someone else to be awarded a grant this time?

A:  Don’t despair. We take each year’s pool of applicants and look at them with a fresh perspective, not whether or not you are a frequent grant recipient. Please keep applying, we want your new and innovative projects and are happy to fund the most interesting ones we see each year.

We will take that one step further, and also say that if you have applied previously, don’t assume that we know all of your project details. Our group of project readers doesn’t always get the same batch of applications. So it’s best to assume that you should give us as much detail as you did the first time.