Eddy Elementary School Sewing Club

BY Perry Andac

Eddy Elementary School

I know this may sound familiar but did you know I wanted to be a Home Economics teacher? That’s right it’s me again but this grant request is for a Sewing Club. Yes I love to bake but my other love is sewing and for some reason I feel the need to introduce kids to this hobby of mine. Many parents don’t have the time to teach their kids how to sew; it’s kind of a lost art. I was reading a magazine this summer and there was an article about a group of kids who made canvas bags filled with essential items for kids who were in foster care. Another group was making pillow cases for sick children in hospitals. I thought to myself, we could do that! I can think of a million projects that would be accessible to kids in our school who range from ages 8 to 12. How about lap blankets for seniors? Toys for dogs and cats at the local animal shelter? Or reusable grocery bags to help cut down on plastic bag use? I could go on and on but I promise I won’t.

I am proposing a new club to be named by the students that focuses on sewing by machine and by hand. As luck would have it I happen to have access to 2 sewing machines but would love to buy 2 more used ones. I also have a stash of fabric that is rather large but may need to buy some that would fit whatever the project is the students choose to work on. I would offer this club on a trimester basis like the Culinary Club so as many students as are interested could try it out.

I would like to request a mini grant of $400 to get us set up and ready to sew to make the world a better place, one pillow case or blanket or bag at a time! Thank you for considering this proposal. Your grants mean so much to the students and have the potential to mean a lot to other people, through our projects, as well.