Digital Art Technology Tools

BY Debra Troyanos

Mashpee High School

I would love to apply for one of your teacher’s grants once again this year. I would love to purchase pressure-sensitive pen and Wacom Intuous tablet sets (see attached), which connect to a PC or Mac computer.  This will allow my art students to create digital artwork, sketch, draw, edit photos, and computer-aided fashion designs (CAD).  Students in Advanced Placement Art, Digital Photo and Photoshop, Fashion Design,  Art Foundations, and Art Exploration classes would all be able to utilize these products to further their real-world 21st-Century skills as a designer.  As you probably know, many fields of art have incorporated technology, and I want to help my students be prepared for what will be expected in their future careers.  Drawing , painting, or designing on a computer need a more specific, delicate touch such as provided by these tablets and stylus tools.  Often it is compared to using a paintbrush, whereas creating computer art using a mouse is more like “trying to paint with a rock”.  Our technology department of Mashpee High School has recently added a new computer lab dedicated to the fine arts and music department, but it has been so costly in getting all the new computers that we could not order these important accessories.  I am hoping that this grant will allow me to help my students grow in their abilities of incorporating art and technology as we go into the future.

Designed for creativity, Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet Small can be used with scores of creative software applications, to edit photos, create artwork, sketch, draw and color digitally.

You’ll have the natural comfort, precision and feel of traditional brushes and pencils while working digitally. Thanks to an innovative combination of pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch capabilities, you can use the tablet to zoom in on your photos, manipulate artwork and navigate your way around your computer, using the familiar gestures of a mobile device.

Plus, it connects to your PC or Mac through a single USB connection, so you will be creating in no time. Wireless functionality available with the wireless accessory kit (sold separately-see below).


Wireless Accessory Kit Part number: ACK40401


Designed for Intuos5, Bamboo Capture, and Bamboo Create pen tablets, the Wireless Accessory Kit lets you connect your tablet to your computer without wires. The wireless components and battery quickly and easily plug into your pen tablet and an available USB port on your computer. You may even operate your pen tablet while the battery is recharging. A status light will show when your battery is fully charged.