A Piece of Peace

BY Andrew Staker

Wellfleet Elementary School

Project Description
The goal of our project is to provide art, music and social skills activities throughout the year to prepare for a culminating event, which will be a school-wide peace parade called PIECE OF PEACE in downtown Wellfleet. The objectives for organizing such an event are somewhat subjective in nature because we are trying to help the children develop more compassion, understanding (of self and others), confidence and sense of purpose and connection to the school community, town of Wellfleet and Cape Cod.

How will the project be evaluated (e.g. how will you gauge its success)
A pre- and post- questionnaire will be given to kids and teachers to try to assess their attitudes and ideas regarding working as a community to spread inner peace. We will be asking for feed-back from teachers, students and their families as we proceed throughout the school- year with a variety of activities preparing us for the June parade. We will also be asking the town of Wellfleet, its Board of Selectmen and Police and Fire Departments to join us in our quest to bring peace to the world. Success will additionally be measured by the comments, actions, participation and attendance, the day of the parade.

Benefit to the students and the school
The benefits will be deep and long-lasting; hopefully helping to instill in our children a sense of commitment to developing strong and positive character traits and encouraging them to share their ideas with those around them. Our intention is to continue to have a yearly Piece of Peace parade to celebrate the efforts of the Wellfleet Elementary students and staff in creating a peaceful, safe and educational school experience. By providing such a large-scale experience as a culminating school and community- wide event, the students will have an opportunity to be part of a process that can guide them in their understanding of town involvement and leadership and help them see their connection and importance in fostering change. In future years, as young men and women, they can use the annual Piece of Peace experience to help them become responsible citizens and advocates for peace and harmony in our ever-changing and incredibly diverse world.

Timeline of Project (when will you do the project, if applicable)
The project has already begun with the development of an after-school Piece of Peace Club and will continue with art and music activities throughout the year. The club will be the center-post for preparing the school-wide project, with activities aimed at community service in the school. Each month a school-wide meeting will take place introducing songs, creative expression, and ideas of peace-making and social skills development. Teachers, students, parents and townspeople will be involved in some of the endeavors.